Early childhood development

An overview of services in Montenegro

Beba Darija
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić


Under the globally accepted Nurturing Care Framework, the most supportive environment is one that provides nurturing care for the child – conditions that promote good health, adequate nutrition, opportunities for early learning, responsive caregiving, and security and safety. Children need all five domains of the Nurturing Care Framework to reach their full potentials as every aspect of their development is interrelated, interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Nurturing care puts children at its focus, but also parents and caregivers, as those who are responsible for creating an environment in which children can develop and thrive.

The Nurturing Care Framework is an essential part of the SDG agenda embraced by Montenegro. Given that Montenegro does not have a multi-sector early childhood education strategy, the present analysis aims to map the existing provision and, to a certain extent, identify gaps through the lenses offered by the Nurturing Care Framework as the conceptual framework for the Study. The Study identifies important national policies and regulations in relevant sectors and provides an assessment of the status of existing early childhood education system components in the five domains relevant for nurturing care, concerning the period from conception until the age of six.

It is intended to support policymakers and legislators, programme managers and technical staff in the health, education, child protection, and welfare sectors, funders and development partners, to take action to help young children survive and thrive.

This publication was developed as part of the Action “EU and UNICEF for Early Childhood Development in Montenegro”.

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