Young people involved in busting myths and combating  disinformation about COVID-19 #CyberHygiene

Children and young people stay at home, learn from home, socialize from home

06 May 2020

It’s been 2 months since the quarantine period in the Republic of Moldova has started. Children and young people stay at home, learn from home, socialize from home. In other words, these are very challenging times for them and UNICEF acknowledges that and supports young people.

In March, U-Report Moldova, a project developed by UNICEF and implemented by National Youth Council of Moldova, launched a campaign #CyberHygiene,  aiming to engage young people in busting  myths and combating  disinformation about COVID-19. For the period of one month, U-Report Ambassadors were actively posting blogs on social media platforms, introducing trustworthy information on the topic. The campaign engaged more than 8,000 people and covered topics such as: personal protection, distancing, ways the virus spreads, rumors, ets. At the same time, young people were invited to join campaign #MoldovaStaAcasa, to share with their peers what they do during the quarantine, how they spend time, what worries them and advice to overcome the frustration.

UNICEF interviewed three young U-report Ambassadors about their experiences during the isolation period and how they cope with all the pressure. It is beautiful how young people, no matter how hard sometimes it might be to cope with isolation, they stay strong and optimistic and ignite the hope in others.

Anastasia Robuleţ




Anastasia Robuleţ, 17 years old, Ungheni

Quarantine and how I cope with this period. 


At the beginning of the quarantine I was quite happy, because having  a week free from school will never hurt. However, when time passed and the situation changed, I started to worry about my loved ones, especially my mother. There are so many rumours and fake news around this topic, they make the frustration even worse. I was happy to be engaged in the U-report online campaign “Cyber Hygiene: U see fake news, U report it”. There I learned about the virus and received news from trusted sources. Together with my peers we help others to get educated about the situation without falling under influence of fake news.

I really miss communication with my peers and friends. It is hard not to see my friends as often as I used to do. Also it is pretty challenging to study online. This experience is new for all of us, students, and teachers, and it gives me frustration. I try to distract myself by doing what I like. I enjoy creating logos and profile pictures for social media groups. I volunteer and this helps a lot to handle my worries and anxiety. When I help others, I understand that I am capable of almost everything and it gives me power and strength to cope with isolation.




Victor Babcinețchi, 14 years old, Soldanesti

I practice a healthy lifestyle, do more sports and read books.  


Quarantine, a simple but difficult word to digest, I have many beautiful and fun experiences during this period. I realized that because of the hard work I do in online lessons, I became more independent and confident.  I started  practicing sports more intensively and in general have a healthier lifestyle. I do a lot of reading and I like that.

I really love volunteering and even in quarantine times I continue to help where it is possible. Since 2019 I was a part of several community initiatives in my raion, got awarded for active involvement and invited to be a member of the District Council of Youth from Soldanesti. Earlier in 2020 I became a U-report Ambassador, helping young people in Moldova to make their voices heard. During the quarantine period, we encourage other people to stay healthy, stay home, read trustworthy sources and care for those who are around them.

I am proud to be one of the most active volunteers in Soldanesti District.

Victor Babcinețchi, 14 years old, Soldanesti
Ariadna Bobeică,  14 years old, Soldanesti

Ariadna Bobeică,  14 years old, Soldanesti

Even in hard times - keep smiling and dream big!


I am a positive and realistic person, active volunteer in the Youth Council of Soldanesti (CRTȘ) and in A.O Bunicii Grijulii Soldanesti and recently U-Report ambassador!

We live a reality ... A trivial reality, from which we can flee but cannot hide. It came upon us like a bomb, the "Covid Pandemic-19".

“What to do during the quarantine?”  This is one of the most frequent questions during this period. This is how my life looks like:

I stay isolated at home (I am lucky to live in the house, not in the apartment), I wash my hands frequently, I have a rational and healthy diet, I am not in contact with strangers. Maybe for many people it is boring to stay home, for me this time is fun and interesting. I could  rediscover myself  and understand myself better. I started to work out more and I feel much better in my own body, I feel that I grow morally and spiritually, by reading much more.

I also help a lot in the garden. The quarantine did not cancel spring and I love working on the ground.

In this period we have many beautiful opportunities, enjoy yourself, along with your loved ones, doing beautiful things and last but not least motivational! Live simple, dream big, be grateful, give love, always smile! If we face our fear and worries we will feel freedom! I learned to be happy with what I have, while working to get what I want.

In the end I would like to thank all the medical staff for all their efforts to keep this virus under control!

Together we will succeed, we will defeat Covid-19 !!!