Ready to Come Back

A Teacher Preparedness Training Package



Let’s get ready!

The school year of 2020/2021 is about to begin in many countries. Amid the ongoing uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to every aspect of our daily lives, returning to school will not be the same as in previous years.

Countries will apply different approaches: full opening with health and hygiene measures in place, a hybrid approach with a combination of face-to-face and of remote learning or, in some cases, schooling might be fully on-line.

Regardless of how the upcoming academic year starts, it will be crucial to ensure children have the opportunity to continue learning in a safe and protective environment, both physically and mentally – see

One thing we learned over the past few months is the important role of teachers in ensuring children continue learning. Teachers are at the forefront of safe school operation, well-being and learning this year. It is therefore crucial that teachers remain informed, engaged and supported. 

The Ready to Come Back: A Teacher Preparedness Training Package” provides practical, concise yet crucial information about the impact of COVID-19 on daily teaching practices as well as tips and suggestions to improve safety, well-being and learning, with students in face-to-face or remote settings. 

The package speaks directly to the teachers. It can be adapted to their context and can be completed at the teachers’ own pace. It includes quizzes and a self-evaluation and planning tool to help teachers reflect on what they learned and what they still need to learn, encouraging them to keep learning!

This is the first version of the package, and we encourage you to support us in improving it. 

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