#stayhome, just for a bit longer

UNICEF’s motivational video with children and influencers from the Middle East and North Africa on COVID-19

22 May 2020
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AMMAN, 22 May 2020- It is very hard to predict what the coming days will bring. Wherever we might be, wherever we live, whether we are in our own homes or out on the streets running a few chores, whether we live in a small village or in a big city. Regardless of our age, sex, marital status, education or socio-economic background.

These are such unpredictable times for all of us.

We are all wondering: will we be alright? will our loved ones be alright? what’s next? will there be a cure to COVID-19? when will the vaccine be available? will we return to work and see our colleagues again? Will we have the opportunity to travel? Will we reunite with family and friends? Children are asking: when are we going back to school? when can we go out and play with our friends? A million question we are asking as the world lives through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many might feel bored after staying home for so long or due to lockdowns and curfews, keeping away from family and friends, and breaking the familiar routine of work and activities we all used to enjoy.

UNICEF in the Middle East and North Africa got together with a group of children and influencers from the region to produce a motivational message to encourage people to stay positive and stay home for just a bit longer.

The release of this video is part of UNICEF’s efforts to reach millions of people on a regular basis with material and information. In the past eight weeks, UNICEF reached nearly 150 million people - roughly a third of the region's population - with material and information on COVID-19 including to help them cope with the psychological impact of the pandemic and provide tips to children and families on mental and physical health with practical measures to address anxiety and stress.

Enjoy the video, please do share it with your networks and stay home, just for a bit longer!

Notes to Editors:

UNICEF would like to thank the following participants who made this project happen: Farah; a child from Jordan, Giselle Khoury; journalist and TV presenter, Jad Rahbani; music composer, Shahd al-Jumaili; journalist and media persona, Ricardo Karam; journalist and TV presenter, Alaa Hussein; actress, Muhannad al-Khatib; journalist and TV presenter, Raed Asfour; artistic director, Marisa; a child from Syria, Hoda Al-Imam, cultural activist and Maysoon Azzam, journalist and TV presenter.

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