Songs from children to children

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Yalla Naamir - يلا نعمر
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Mabrouk - مبروك
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Tilea Il Daw - طلع الضو
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Khilset Il Sini - خلصت السنة
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Kellon Endon Sayarat - كلّن عندن
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Il Batta Btemil - البطة بتعمل
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Fussoul Il Sini - فصول السنة
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Fee Inna Shajra - في عنّا شجرة
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Eidik Ya Mama - عيدك يا ماما
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Ammi Bou Masoud - عمّي بو مسعود
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Sheti Sheti - شتي شتي



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Jad playing the piano surrounded by kids

"I remember the impact these songs had on me when I was a child [...] This is a very special project and I do hope that this album will bring joy to children and fill their hearts with positive energy"

Jad Rahbani, Renown Composer and Musician

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A girl smiling to the camera in front of UNICEF banner

“Today is the best day ever. Because I had fun, I sang and learned. I was captivated. I went to another world. Like a dream!

Assia, 11, from Aleppo, now living in Turkey

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We are distributing Album "11"!


Al-Balad Music Festival, Amman, Jordan

Album 11 Distribution

Al-Balad Music Festival, Amman, Jordan

Two boys at album distribution table

Al-Balad Music Festival, Amman, Jordan

Girl holding a microphone

About "11"

UNICEF with support from the European Union and in partnership with the renown composer Jad Rahbani, have come together to launch “11,” featuring popular children’s songs from the region. Rahbani re-arranged the songs and they were sung by children in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

The album’s development is part of UNICEF’s psychosocial support programme to help children impacted by the Syria crisis. The project uses music and songs to promote social cohesion. It gives children an opportunity to revive their connection with their heritage and the Arabic-language. The songs are all-time regional favourites written and composed by the world famous Elias Rahbani in 1976, during the war in Lebanon. They were originally recorded by his two sons: Jad and Ghassan when they were children.

The songs are about education, the environment, family ties, nutrition, peace and reconstruction. We hope this album will be enjoyed by children all over the region!

The original songs have been cherished for over 40 years. We hope that this new version brings joy to the hearts of children.

This album was produced thanks to support from the European Union Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis.

About the EU/MADAD Fund

The Madad Fund is the EU regional trust fund in response to the Syrian crisis. It was established in December 2014, and since then an increasing share of the EU's non-humanitarian support to Syria's neighbouring countries is provided through the EU Trust Fund. The EU Madad Fund helps both Syrian refugees and local communities get better access to education, job opportunities, healthcare, water and protection services. The EU Madad Fund also contributes to a stronger and cohesive society, with a particular focus on children, youth and women.

About Jad Rahbani

Renown Lebanese composer and producer. Born in Lebanon in 1968, Jad Rahbani, studied piano, harmony, composition and orchestration, and works as a sound engineer and general manager for Elias Rahbani Studios.

He has composed over 3,000 jingles, songs, musicals, sound designs and advertising spots and over 200 music pieces for radio, TV and entertainment shows. His first album ‘Sources’ was launched in 1999, followed by his second in 2001. In Lounge Electro Oriental genre, he rearranged and produced the album ‘Mix Your Senses’ in 2002 followed by ‘A.D.N.R.O.S.E’ in 2004.

Rahbani composed and produced several albums for Lebanese singers. He also composed the original music for a number of TV series.

Rahbani is also a theatre actor, with his first on-stage role in ‘Safrat Al Ahlam,’ written by his father, the world-famous musician, Elias Rahbani.

Rahbani has won many prestigious awards including, the Fidof Internarial prize in 2004, and the Tremplin Charles Trenet prize in 2004, 2005 and 2006.