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Didi & Friends x UNICEF x MERCY

Didi & friends
Digital Durian
06 July 2020

Digital Durian, also known for the production company for Didi & Friends animation series has partnered with UNICEF Malaysia and MERCY Malaysia to utilize their famous animation series Didi & Friends to promote hygiene practices like handwashing for young children across Malaysia.

Watch the video and share with your children!


Digital Durian

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Digital Durian

About Didi

Didi & Friends is Malaysia’s most loved preschool animation series, that has more than 1 billion views on YouTube, millions of viewers on Astro Ceria, 3.9 million YouTube subscribers and almost 200,000 Facebook fans. 

Mercy Malaysia & UNICEF

UNICEF Malaysia and MERCY Malaysia has partnered to provide essential hygiene kits and health education to the most vulnerable population in Malaysia thanks to the generous funding from Government of Japan from the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia. The collaboration aims to reach up to 70,000 children and their families with essential hygiene kits and health education both in peninsula and East Malaysia.