Nutrition Factsheets

An overview of our role improving the nutrition status of children in Malawi

2 year old Rhikumbutso being fed plumpy nut by his mother after suffering from malnutrition
UNICEF Malawi/2016/Sebastian Rich


The nutrition factsheets consist of a narrative overview and statistics of the nutrition situation of women and children in Malawi. Children’s nutritional status is a reflection of their overall health and development, and a sign of the household, community, and national investment in family health. Many Malawian children often suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, which include anemia and zinc deficiency. Stunting (being too short for one’s age), which is at 37.1%, is a major challenge in Malawi and children living in rural Malawi are more affected. UNICEF Malawi's Nutrition Programme aims to achieve an outcome of at least 60% of children under 5 years old having access to quality nutrition services by 2018. 

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