Basic Education & Youth Development Factsheets

An overview of our work on improving the quality of education in Malawi

KIND Fund Scholar Rehema in class at Namwera Secondary School in Mangochi
UNICEF Malawi/2017/Eldson Chagara


The Basic Education and Youth Development (BEYD) factsheets consist of a narrative overview and statistics of the education and youth development situation of children and adolescents in Malawi. UNICEF’s BEYD programme focuses on the development and education of children from early childhood (0-9 years) through adolescence to young adulthood (10 – 18 years). In partnership with the Government of Malawi, the programme focuses on three key stages of a child’s life. First, it aims to ensure that all boys and girls are exposed to stimulation and learning, which promote early childhood development. Second, it works to increase the number of students that have access to equal and inclusive primary education, leading to quality learning outcomes. Third, the programme aims to increase access to secondary school, and provide alternative learning pathways for out-of-school adolescents.

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