Health Factsheets

An overview of our work on improving the health of children and women in Malawi

A health officer giving children in Mangumba Village in Zomba,  vitamin A and albendazol during child health days
UNICEF Malawi/Thoko Chikondi/2018


The health factsheets consist of a narrative overview and statistics of the health situation of women and children in Malawi. The overall goal of the health programme is to contribute to the improvement of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health outcomes for women and children, especially those most disadvantaged.  UNICEF's health programme in Malawi also aims to have a well-nourished population that effectively contributes to economic growth and prosperity of the country. This is achieved through programs that address issues to do with maternal and newborn care, community health, immunisation, evidence-based planning for the health services in Malawi and health in emergencies.

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