The situation of children and women in Malawi

Facts and figures

Nankhali Primary School students interacting with their teacher
UNICEF Malawi/2018/Amos Gumulira

Malawi remains one of the world’s least developed countries, ranking 170 out of 188 on the Human Development Index. Over 70 per cent of the population live below the income poverty line and approximately 63 per cent of children live in poverty. Child marriage remains high with 46.7 per cent of girls married before the age of 18 and Malawi’s pre-term birth rate is the highest in the world, at 13 per cent. Malawi’s rapidly increasing population is putting pressure on the government to scale up services in social services, including education.

info graphic of parent taking their child to school

School-age children (ages 5-19) are 39.5% of the total population. 

Infographic for non-school goers

More than 6% of children in Malawi are still not attending primary school.

infographic for child based community centre

49% of children aged 3 – 5 are enrolled in Community Based Child Care Centers. 

infographic for finishing school

Only 58.5 % of school going children finish the first 4 years of school.

infographic of mother and child

152 out of 1000 women aged 15 – 19 years have a child.

infographic of child labour

One in four children is involved in child labour.

infographic for child marriage

46% of girls are married before the age of 18, and 9% before the age of 15.

infographic for child abuse

65% of girls and 35 % of boy’s experience abuse child abuse in their lifetime.

infopgraphic for maternal mortality

Maternal mortality ratio is at 439 deaths per 100,000 women

infographic for child bearing

29 % of adolescents age 15-19 have begun bearing children.

infographic for malnutrition

23 % of all child death cases in Malawi are related to under-nutrition.

infographic for stunting

Stunting (being too short for one’s age) affects 37% of children in Malawi.

infographic from breastfeeding

Exclusive breastfeeding of infants 0 – 5 months is 61%.

infographic for hiv

Number of children (0 -14 years) living with HIV 110,000.

infographic for social cash transfer

641,590 children are on the Social Cash Transfer Programme.

infographic for child poverty

The multi-dimensional child poverty rate is at 60.1%.