#ForEveryChild, Warmth

UNICEF Winter Appeal 2018-2019

Mahasen is one of the 90,000 children that received UNICEF support to protect children against the recent storms that affected around 12,000 children and put at risk nearly 40,000. This 10-year-old girl fled with her family from the war in Syria and now lives in an informal settlement in the Bekaa.

Grown-ups and children, feet in iced water, trying to save what remained from the little they had. Under their broken tent, they are dragging out damped carpets and matrasses, building a rope to hang their wet clothes, and looking helplessly to the water that filled up their “home”

“We run with the kids at six in the morning, after the sewage water raised high suddenly and flooded at us” says Fatima a refugee mother.

Following a heavy storm ‘Norma’ during the second week of January, a second storm ‘Miriam’ hit Lebanon on the 16th and ended on the 18th. Heavy rain, strong wind, snow and cold temperature led to floods, loss and destruction of assets and displacements in many regions, affecting especially in coastal and mountain areas. Informal settlements (IS) where refugees reside were particularly affected due to weak infrastructure.