Technical note on donations and financial or in-kind contributions from the food and beverage companies

Response to COVID-19

Ms.Luem gets a bowl of nutritious food during a health outreach session supported by the European Union
UNICEF Laos/2019/Albert Verweij


Promotion and support for healthy diets that are nutritionally adequate is critical for children during emergencies, especially when opportunities for mobility and physical activity are limited. It is important for children to consume sufficient fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and protein sources. These types of food can be cooked from fresh, dried, tinned or frozen products. It is also essential that children continue to have access to safe drinking water, especially in areas that lack safely managed services. The emergency response should not undermine healthy dietary practices.

During the COVID19 emergency it is important to ensure that donations and in-kind or financial contributions are needs based rather than donor-driven, guarantee adequate nutritional quality of the diet, and minimize reputational risk to the organizations involved.

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