Voices of adolescents and young people with disabilities on discrimination, bullying and violence

Results of a Rapid Assessment in 11 Latin America countries

02 August 2019. Growing up with a hearing disability, Thobias 13-year-old 6th grader (interacting with his mother) is no stranger to different forms of discrimination as a child. His parents initially enrolled him in a “special” school for deaf students. However, he found the environment to be challenging.
UNICEF/UN0425742/Brian Sokol


Through the voices of adolescents and young people with disabilities themselves, this publication presents the results of the consultation conducted in 11 Latin American countries on the violence, bullying and discrimination they experience in their families, schools and communities.

This report is organized into four sections. The first section on the reference framework includes the international treaties and instruments related to the rights of children and adolescents with disabilities. The second section describes the report’s objectives and scope and describes general aspects of the rapid assessment carried out in 11 countries in the region. The third section presents the main results in the voices of the interviewees and analyzes the implications for the family, school, and community settings. The final section shares the recommendations resulting from the analysis.

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