Engaged and heard!

Guidelines and tips on adolescents' participation and civil engagement.

Adolescents demonstrating their suppor to save the planet.
UNICEF/UN0364394/Aliaga Ticona


Participation is much more than having a voice. It is about being informed, engaged and having an influence in decisions and matters that affect one’s life – in private and public spheres, in the home, in alternative care settings, at school, in the workplace, in the community, in social media and in broader governance processes.

To provide a better understanding of the concept of adolescent participation and civic engagement, UNICEF has developed a guide and a series of practical tips that present key strategies and interventions to guarantee this right, which can be downloaded from the menu on the right and are available in English and Spanish.

1. Engaged and heard! Guidelines on adolescent participation and civic engagement

The guidelines provide information on the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how-to’ of participation and civic engagement, with a specific focus on adolescents. Professionals working with and for adolescents can draw on these guidelines to inform their work in development and humanitarian contexts. Adolescents may also use the guidelines to inform their strategies as they exercise and claim their rights.

2. Tip sheets for adults, adolescents and youth on adolescent and youth participation in different settings

This document offers practical tips for adults to support the safe and meaningful participation of adolescents as well as specific tips for adolescents to exercise meaningful and safe participation in different contexts. The tips cover everything from participation in conferences, online and in youth advisory groups.

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