Care for Child Development (CCD)

Guidelines and resources to apply the CDI approach in working with parents and caregivers, strengthening caregivers' skills to promote young children's growth and development.

© UNICEF LACRO/2019-0065/Salazar
UNICEF LACRO/2019-0065/Salazar


This package of materials incorporates the most recent scientific findings on early childhood development and identifies critical caregiving skills that are necessary to boost growth and integral development of young children.

Research shows that Care for Child Development (CCD) is an effective approach to teach mothers, fathers and other caregivers effective sensitivity and responsiveness skills which are at the core of nurturing care for children.

The CCD package incorporates:

  • Recommendations for health, ECD, early intervention, and community-based service providers, among others.
  • Guidelines that strengthen the skills of families to raise their children in an affectionate, sensitive and enriching environment, as well as solutions to common problems related to the nurturing care of young children.
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