TUMAR: protecting children

In Kyrgyzstan, almost 3 out of 4 children suffer violence


Children need YOU

Children need YOU and there are some facts we cannot ignore:

  • Violence, as well as violent discipline, is still widely accepted in society.
  • Young children suffer the most.
  • Children left behind by migrant parents are more exposed to violence.

In Kyrgyz culture, parents, to protect the child from birth, wear a Tumar, a triangle-shaped amulet. The Tumar bears a Kyrgyz pattern especially dedicated to children: a new moon symbolizing a child and a mythical Umai mother – a 'Tumar' protection sign. All these details put together to activate the symbol of child protection.

This year, UNICEF, on the 30th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Children, the main document to protect the rights of children in the world and ratified by Kyrgyzstan 25 years ago, announces a national call (the Tumar Manifesto) to stop violence against children in all settings:

  • No child should be beaten by the people whom he/she trusts and believes.
  • No child should feel fear to the parents and siblings instead of love.
  • No child should be scared to be at home, on the street or at school. 
  • Violence against children is everyone’s business

Stand with UNICEF to save children’s lives and safe childhood!

What can YOU do?

By supporting the Tumar Manifesto, I show my support to end violence against children, against the smallest and most vulnerable in Kyrgyzstan:

Tumar campaign
  • I understand that violence harms the child and can lead to irreversible consequences in development, health and future.
  • Violence is never acceptable
  • I am aware that there are positive ways to discipline a child.
  • I will practice positive disciplining with children around me
  • I will report if I see or hear violence against a child to #111 Child Helpline or police
  • I stop the circle of violence in my family, community, society and the country
  • I support banning Corporal Punishment in all settings

Preventing violence against children is everyone’s business

I stand with UNICEF and its partners, including the world's children, and I pledge my voice and my actions to END violence against children.

I will become an acting TUMAR for children!