Violence Against Children in Suriname - Sub Study

A report on the national response on policies and legislation

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In several research reports conducted in the past few years, we see indications that the support system to aid in the protection of children is not adequate. This support system is not equipped with the conditions to formulate a clear and effective response to child molestation. In this research the focus is on evaluating the current support system by comparing it to the guide lines of the UN Council of Children's’ Rights, as written in the General Comment no. 13 (GC 13).

Quantitative as well as qualitative research methods have been applied. The research was carried out during the period of July 2016 until January 2017 by means of gathering data in all ten districts in Suriname.

Child Protection, Safety and Justice, Guyana, Suriname, Juvenile Justice, Violence against Children
Mr. Maya Manohar
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