Violence Against Children in Suriname - Students' Survey

Response of students to the issue of Violence Against Children

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This report ‘Students' Survey’, part of the nationwide study of ‘Violence against Children in Suriname’, presents the quantitative and qualitative data that are collected among a population of children in the age group 11-18 years at three school levels, namely primary education (GLO) and secondary education for juniors (VOJ) in which both LBO schools and MULO schools were involved.

The national total number of children at the three education levels in question is estimated to be: 61,177. Data collection was conducted among a multiple stratified random sample of 1458 students in 74 schools divided over different educational levels and distributed over all 10 districts. This researched population is the vast majority, approximately 80% of all children in the age group of 11-18 years, living in Suriname and can be considered as representative for all school aged children in this age group. The objective of this study is to contribute to effective prevention and reduction of violence against children at home and in schools.

Child Protection, Safety and Justice, Guyana, Suriname, Juvenile Justice, Violence against Children
Dr. Julia Terborg
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