Violence Against Children Report Suriname

Violence Against Children Report Suriname

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“In Suriname, 88% of children are undergoing at least one form of violence. They are paying a high price. All actors must work together to stop all forms of violence against children.” Said UNICEF Representative for Suriname and Guyana, Sylvie Fouet.

The VAC research was commissioned by the National Parliament and carried out with the support of UNICEF in 2017 by the Institute for Graduate Studies of the University of Suriname. The research includes violence against children in detention, children with disabilities, children in care institutions, violence against children and service providers as well as an analysis of the national response. The remaining summary reports will be made available within a month. An executive summary of the existing national response (key legislation, referral system and national program) is also part of the package.

Violence Against Children Report
UNICEF Suriname
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