Saudi Human Rights Commission, UNICEF and partners discuss child protection trends

Sharing trends and solutions.

31 January 2021

UNICEF joined the Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia at a webinar titled "child protection: from child labour to cybercrime". Distinguished speakers from the Saudi government, UNICEF and the Global Rainforest Alliance discussed the latest trends and solutions. Over 100 professionals from across the region have attended the webinar.

UNICEF's Regional Child Protection Advisor Javier Aguilar highlighted the global trends on child labour in the context of COVID 19 and the pandemic's impacts on multidimensional child poverty in the MENA region. Saji Thomas, Child protection Chief in UNICEF Gulf Area Office, presented key elements of the issue and UNICEF best practices for ending child labour

Kunera Moore, from the Global Rainforest Alliance, talked about the importance of public and private partnerships in eradicating child labour from the international supply chain.

Dr Shreen Al-Oufi, an education expert, outlined the Saudi experience in protecting children rights, and efforts of the Family Affairs Council in addressing child labour. Dr Hind Al -Khalifah, Human Rights Commission Council member, emphasised the importance of online protection and Saudi cybercrime law role.

Sheikh Waleed Al-Hasan, head of social protection in public prosecution, highlighted the legal protection procedures for minors and juveniles and the kingdom's social protection efforts.
Sarah Al- Tamimi, the Commission's Deputy for International Cooperation and the session moderator, commented that "empowering youth is a central plank of Vision 2030 and bolstering child protection is part and parcel to this. Events such as today's webinar highlight the need for international cooperation in protecting children and stamping out child labour, whether online or in international supply chains. We all have a role to play."