Child protection in the context of a pandemic - COVID-19

Supporting child protection practitioners to better respond to the child protection risks during a COVID-19 pandemic.

Smiling teenage boy
UNICEF Guinea-Bissau/2020/Gama


COVID-19 can quickly change the context in which children live. Quarantine measures such as school closures
and restrictions on movements disrupt children's routine and social support while also placing new stressors on
parents and caregivers who may have to find new childcare options or forgo work. Stigma and discrimination
related to COVID-19 may make children more vulnerable to violence and psychosocial distress. Disease control
measures that do not consider the gender-specific needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls may also
increase their protection risks and lead to negative coping mechanisms. Children and families who are already
vulnerable due to socio-economic exclusion or those who live in overcrowded settings are particularly at risk.

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