Programme Brief: “All Children in Education”, September 2021- February 2024

“All Children in Education” (ACE) is a UNICEF-led initiative that provides formal and/or non-formal education opportunities to refugee and migrant children in Greece.

Graffiti on SolidarityNow container in Malakasa facility.


The programme brief presents the outcomes, challenges as well as good practices of the All Children in Education programme. In particular, from September 2021 to February 2024, UNICEF and its partners have assisted a total of 24,057 refugee and migrant children (14,518 boys and 9,539 girls) aged between 4 and 17 years old to access non-formal education, including Greek and English language classes, through Homework and Creative Activities Centres (HCACs), prepare for formal education and enroll in formal schools. Children were also supported in completing their homework and accelerating their learning to catch up with their peers and improve their communication with teachers and other students at school and, in addition, they received psychosocial support from trained educators and inter-disciplinary teams.

The majority of children participating in ACE are also enrolled in formal education. UNICEF and its partners work closely with local and national educational authorities to help children and their families complete the necessary paperwork for enrollment, while interpreters and translators are available to assist in facilitating communication for children in the school environment.

Moreover, ACE has introduced innovative educational methods to assist teachers in addressing daily challenges, by implementing a comprehensive professional development programme for both formal and non-formal teachers, with a focus on inclusive pedagogy, and by introducing, for the first time in Greece, a harmonized approach to non-formal education, setting common standards and indicators for education quality and content. At the same time, ACE facilitated the creation of quality teaching and learning materials, as well as a common framework for non-formal student assessment.

Τhe full ACE programme brief September 2021- February 2024 is available in English and in Greek here.

The UNICEF-led initiative “All Children in Education” is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Migration and Asylum (MoMA) and the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports  with co-funding from the European Union. ACE is implemented by the following UNICEF partners: ARSIS, Danish Refugee Council (DRC), ELIX, METAdrasi, Junior Achievement Greece and Solidarity Now, as well as the Universities of Athens, Thessaly, Thessaloniki, Patras, with support from Akelius Foundation and Porticus Foundation.

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