Child-Friendly Gender-Based Violence Courts - Operational Guidelines

A set of guidelines for operators of Child-Friendly Gender-Based Violence Courts in Ghana

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UNICEF/Francis Okokroko/2019


The Judicial Service of Ghana has taken notable steps to reform and improve access to justice for victims of gender-based violence who are children through the establishment of child-friendly Gender-Based Violence Courts. 

This requires standards for operators of such specialized courts which has resulted in the development of the Guidelines for Child- Friendly Gender-Based Violence Courts. Judges and Magistrates - and all involved in the operations of these specialized courts - need to be trained on the guidelines to enable them to render better services to survivors.

These guidelines also outline requirements for the refurbishment of selected courts to ensure proper protection of survivors during the interviews and subsequent trials. 

Cover title - Operational Guidelines Child-Friendly Courts
Judicial Service of Ghana and UNICEF Ghana
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