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The Talking Book

A nurse using the talking book in a community


UNICEF works with local partners in Ghana to deliver key messages and important information in hard-to-reach areas through a digital development tool - The Talking Books. This is an easy to use mobile audio device that runs on rechargeable battery power. At their convenience, listeners with limited access to information due to poverty, geographic location, low literacy, lack of electricity or internet, are able to access and share key messages on health, agriculture, education, nutrition and more, in their local languages.

The content, usually in the form of  songs, dramas, interview, and endorsements, is developed by local partners that are able to customize messages depending on the cultural context. The device also allows listeners to record, providing organizations with relevant feedback that can inform their program delivery. In collaboration with UNICEF, Amplio and Ghana Health Service, Talking Books delivered relevant information on COVID-19 to the most vulnerable areas in the Upper West Region while allowing community health workers to maintain social distancing.


The Talking Book
Amplio, UNICEF
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