Nikoloz Rachveli appointed as UNICEF National Ambassador in Georgia

26 June 2017
UNICEF National Ambassador, Nikoloz Rachveli and UNICEF Representative in Georgia, Laila O. Gad

26 June, 2017. TBILISI. At a special event today Nikoloz Rachveli, composer, conductor and artistic director of the National philharmonic Orchestra was appointed as UNICEF’s National Ambassador in Georgia, with a special focus on advocating for the rights of children with disabilities and ending violence against children.

"We are delighted to welcome Nikoloz Rachveli to join UNICEF community of supporters, ambassadors and advocates”, said Laila Omar Gad, UNICEF Representative in Georgia. “He has been supporting UNICEF for the last couple of years through amplifying our messages that all children should enjoy equal rights and realize their potential in an environment free from stigma and violence. We do hope that Nikoloz’s efforts will further contribute to our advocacy and public education work to protect the rights of the most vulnerable children in Georgia”.

“This is an honor for me”, said Nikoloz Rachveli, National Ambassador for UNICEF Georgia. “It is a huge responsibility and I will do my best to continue advocating for the most disadvantaged children in Georgia.”   

In his role as National Ambassador Nikoloz Rachveli will support UNICEF’s efforts to protect the rights of children with disabilities and address negative social norms contributing to violence against children.  

Nikoloz Rachveli has been supporting UNICEF and children since 2014. He has used his concerts and appearances to advocate for children with disabilities and to educate public about child rights. Earlier this year Nikoloz actively participated in UNICEF-led communication for social change campaign to address stigma against disability - “See Every Colour”.  

Nikoloz Rachveli is a composer and conductor, owner of the Rustaveli award. His works are being performed in world’s famous concert halls. Rachveli is the first elected artistic director of the Georgian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

UNICEF acknowledges the efforts of the Artists’ Union ConceptArt, National Philharmonic Orchestra, famous soprano Nino Machaidze, violinist Liza Batiashvili, pianist David Aladashvili in their efforts to participate in the UNICEF-led campaign to address stigma against disability - “See Every Colour”.

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