UNICEF The Gambia annual report 2021

For every child, impact.

A child stares at the camera during polio campaign in Gambia 2021


In 2021, we rebuilt hope for children, young people and families amidst a dreadful pandemic, scaled up our COVID-19 response to help protect lives and livelihoods, intensified efforts across the country to support the rights of children and registered important results thanks to the excellent relations with our partners. In short, we:

  • Delivered more than 376,800 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to The Gambia
  • Helped procure and install Gambia’s first ultra-cold chain facility for vaccine storage
  • Delivered lifesaving nutrition supplies for thousands of children
  • Trained hundreds of health workers on infection prevention and control
  • Built water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in dozens of health facilities and communities
  • Provided education materials and services for thousands of children
  • Provided vulnerable families food and cash to meet other needs
  • Supported legislative and judicial reforms and children in contact with the justice system
  • Reached over four million people with important messages on health and children’s rights
  • Put children, adolescents and young people first, in everything we did
UNICEF Gambia annual report 2021 cover page
UNICEF The Gambia
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