ONA Ella Henri, a young U-reporter, sensitive to adolescents’ health

The engagement of ONA Ella Henri, the young U-reporter

Fanja Saholiarisoa
Henri en discussion avec des jeunes
Ella Henri
17 September 2021

Just two days ago, he joined the U-Reporters community in Gabon. According to him, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for young people, as much information can be obtained through the U-reporter platform.  Ona Ella Henri is 21 years old and comes from Bitam’s city, in the North of Gabon.

While waiting to start university, this young man has spent his holiday volunteering for the ‘All-In’ campaign, which has been organised by the General Directorate-General for AIDS Prevention (Ministry of Health) and supported by UNICEF, and which took place in Bitam during the weekend.

This campaign consisted of peer education on sexual and reproductive health, awareness-raising on VIHSida, STIs, and early pregnancies among youth, and promotion of HIV testing among the teenager population.

He also found this activity beneficial for himself and aligned with his future training, as he will soon join the infirmary school in Yaoundé, Cameroon. “I liked the idea of helping young people, as I also know that young people are the most affected by STIs and HIV/AIDS in my city. I am jumping on the opportunity to contribute to saving lives”, explains Ella Henri.

During the weekend, about fifteen young people voluntarily travelled the streets of Bitam to carry out awareness activities.

Ella Henri has had the opportunity to meet and raise awareness of about thirty young people. At the same time, he managed to convince a few people to join the screening site and get tested. A small victory for this young man who is trying to build a better future for young Gabonese.