Media professionals receive training in promoting children’s rights

L'UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Communication along with the Ministry of Justice organized a capacity building workshop for the media

15 July 2022
Fanja Saholiarisoa
Partipants at the workshop with the officials during the distribution of certificates

Libreville 5 July 2022: In partnership with the Ministry for Communication, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) helped train 30 journalists from various media outlets in Gabon. Over two days, multiple topics connected with children's rights and their importance for developing human capital were discussed by men and women working in the media sector, the Resident Representative, and UNICEF staff. They looked at national and international standards and instruments for children's rights, child protection systems, data processing techniques that protect and promote children's rights in the media, the legal framework for child protection at a national level, and the guidelines on safeguarding children in the media. Participants also discussed the role of the media in protecting children's rights.

On behalf of the government, the Minister for Communication stressed the importance of consolidating the protection of children's rights in Gabon. The President of Gabon has instructed the government departments dedicated to defending and protecting children's rights to step up their commitment to ensuring that children can develop fully within their fragile environments. As part of this social measure of solidarity, the Sylvia BONGO ONDIMBA Foundation for Families plays a crucial role in raising awareness about children's rights in Gabon.

The seminar gave participants the tools to better defend and promote children's rights in their work in the media. "Your role is to protect and promote children's rights, or indeed I should say our children's rights in Gabon because they need it to build a prosperous and peaceful Gabon. You have the right and, above all, the duty to inform, educate and communicate with the population, companies, decision-makers, children themselves, and communities about children's rights," explained UNICEF Gabon Resident Representative Mr. Noel Marie Zagre during his opening speech.

He also reminded participants of UNICEF Gabon's role as a spokesperson for children and how it works with partners to ensure everyone recognizes the need for significant investment in promoting children's rights from birth as the foundation for creating productive citizens and bringing peace. 

UNICEF looks forward to seeing how the participants raise the matter of children's rights in the future. "UNICEF and the authorities count on you to use your reporting to cover the crucial issue of children's rights in public debates and to better inform the public of their duties and role in improving the situation for children in Gabon."

The participants concluded that they needed more seminars in the future because a lot of work still needs to be done. "Child protection remains a serious problem. After what I have learned as a journalist today, I can see I've made past mistakes and now know not to repeat them when writing an article. This seminar has also made me want to specialize in the topic," Bettina Bakosso from Gabon actus explains.

The national competition for the Gabonese media will come after the training course to reward the best report covering the protection of children's rights in connection with national development.




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