ONE WASH National Programme

A Multi-Sectoral SWAp PHASE II Programme Document

Millennium Kassa,10, grade 2, drinking water from a new water point built by UNICEF at  Oloncho village, Mekonisa kebele. SNNPR.


In 2018, the Government of Ethiopia approved the second phase of the ONWP, which is aligned to the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II) and is expected to run up to July 2020. The second phase intensifies the principles established during the first phase of sectoral coordination, harmonization and alignment.

The overall ONWP phase II document has a budget of US$ 6.5 billion, out of which the new component on climate resilient WASH represents one third of that budget. The new approach aims to break the vicious cycle of vulnerable infrastructure affected by recurrent droughts in drought-prone areas of Ethiopia and create a virtuous circle of climate resilient water supply systems that provide safe and sustainable access to water to the communities living there, despite the anticipated negative impact of climate change in the region.


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Kitka Goyol, Chief of WASH,


ONE WASH National Programme: A Multi-Sectoral SWAp  PHASE II Programme Document
Government of Ethiopia, National WASH Coordination Office (NWCO)
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