Ending Child Marriage

A profile of progress in Ethiopia

7th grade friends and students at Wengi primary school in Zigem, Amhara region, "Because we have been part of the girls club, we have rescued a girl from marrying this man her family knew" (Left to right) Mekdes Degnew, Ayehush Abera and TIgist siyum, 14 © UNICEF Ethiopia /2017/Marta Tadesse
UNICEF Ethiopia/2017/Marta Tadesse


Child marriage is a violation of human rights.Every child has the right to be protected from this harmful practice, which has devastating consequences for individuals and for society. Child marriage is now firmly on the global development agenda, most prominently through its inclusion in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target 5.3, which aims to eliminate the practice by 2030.

Ending Child Marriage
United Nations Children’s Fund, Ending Child Marriage: A profile of progress in Ethiopia, UNICEF, New York, 2018.
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