Managing Rumours: Guidance to Country Offices

SIDA SRH/HIV COVID-19, Intervention Set n. 1


This guidance document provides suggestions on how to translate insights from social listening into rumour management activities. The document draws on the “Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Social Media Monitoring and Rumor Management Strategy to Support Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) on COVID-19” developed by UNICEF Communication for Development section in the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office in collaboration with the Communication section.

The long-term goal of rumour management activities is to build trust with the communities served and mitigate the impact of false content (misinformation/ disinformation) on access to services and health outcomes. While the recommendations in this guide are applicable to rumour management in general, the examples and resources are focused on the COVID-19 response and, in particular, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues.

This guide focuses on three types of strategic actions to address rumours and mis/disinformation: preventive strategies, early detection and associated indirect actions, and direct engagement.

Managing_ Rumours_SIDA_SRH/HIV_COVID-19_Intervention

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