Youth voices - Imani Whiskey-Chuma

17, Clement Howell High School,

Patrick Knight
14 August 2019

In my view ...

"I think that climate change hasn’t been taken very seriously. It’s time we take it into our own hands as children cos this is our planet, whether we like it or not. I think that climate change is something that we can solve if we take the right steps, like using less plastic and eating fewer animals (as animals take up a lot of resources).  

We can stop consuming as much. We can stop using plastic bottles and containers and replace them with glass. I’m trying not to use plastic or the AC in my room. Instead of having it on all night, I can keep in on for 30 minutes just to cool off. I hope we go green! My biggest fear is that we go extinct. I don’t think people realize this is a possibility," - Imani Whiskey-Chuma.