Reopen, Recover and Resilience in Education:

Guidelines for ASEAN Countries

Students getting their temperature checked before entering school premises


These guidelines are intended to help Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to reopen schools and keep them open for safe in-person education. This is an urgent priority to maintain the learning process for children and adolescents, ensure their right to an education and recover learning losses. The guidelines also aim to strengthen the resilience of education systems and the cross-sectoral work that should bind them. The guidelines have three objectives: (i) offer medium- to long-term strategies to cope with future shocks and disruptions by strengthening the resilience of the education systems in ASEAN; (ii) respond to the urgent needs of ASEAN Member States for immediate strategies to ensure safe school reopening and operations, learning recovery and continuity from pre-primary to secondary education; and (iii) propose performance indicators to monitor and evaluate the progress of these strategies and their results.

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