Education Budget Brief 2020

Education Sector Reform and Budget Trend of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 2015-2020 in time of Pandemic

Education Budget Brief 2020
UNICEF Cambodia


This education budget brief analyzed the budget allocation pattern of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports from 2015-2020 reflecting its relationship with education outcome. The brief tried to capture contribution of development partners; but it does not attempt to capture the contribution from households and private sector.

Starting from 2014 the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport (MOEYS) laid out five strategic areas for education sector reform to strengthen quality and accessibility of general education for all citizens. The five areas are (i) teachers, (ii) curriculum and learning materials and environment, (iii) inspection, (iv) learning assessment, and (v) higher education reform. These key reforms have yielded positive outcomes in the education sector in the five years prior to COVID-19. As of 2020, gross enrollment rate (GER) at the primary level reached above 100%, while the GER of lower and upper secondary level hit 56.6% and 28.9%, respectively. Early childhood education (ECE) has also been expanded in scope within the last decade. Despite these increases, enrollment at both lower and upper secondary levels of education remains low.

Since 2013, the RGC has gradually increased the funding for school operations, in which all schools nationwide have received the funding equitably based on number of students, geographic areas, and other factors. Following the impact of COVID-19 on Cambodian economy and revenue collection, the government introduced two rounds of budget rationalization (budget cut) in 2020 across all line ministries and sub-national administration. For education, the cut reduced their budget down by 2% mainly targeting non-wage spending including office supplies, petroleum and travelling. The cut was not applied to school operation budget. Regardless of the progress, MOEYS needs to address a great number of structural issues in the education sector, in which more support should be directed to assist the government efforts in strengthening the learning quality in all levels of education, addressing persistent low enrollment rate and high drop-out rate at secondary education as well as ensuring the sustainability of school operations, especially during COVID-19 context.

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