Adolescent Investment Case 2019

Burundi’s adolescents – nearly one quarter of its growing population – are key to the country’s economic and social development.

Pupils sit in new classrooms in the new part of the school, Nyanza Lac 5, September 19 Sept 2019 at Nyanza Lac in Burundi. The school added two new classrooms build by UNICEF with funding of Swedish Development Aid.
UNICEF Burundi/2019/Prinsloo


IIn Burundi, adolescents represent a quarter of the population. The realization of their rights is essential.

They are a crucial element of the country’s socio-economic development. Burundian adolescents face significant challenges, including a high level of vulnerability, high health risks and relatively low levels of education and skills.

Adolescence is a period of life during which everything is possible. It is the time when individuals acquire the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and economic resources that will accompany them throughout their adult lives.

The production of evidence is an essential step in the choice and definition of development policies and strategies. It is for these reasons and with the aim of attracting more attention to this fragment of the population that UNICEF - in collaboration with UNFPA and with contributions from UN-Women and UNDP - supported the Government of Burundi in the realization of this study.

This study not only provides a detailed and relevant analysis of the importance of investments in the adolescent sector, but also proposes concrete interventions. The investment framework makes it possible to analyze, for each proposed area of intervention, the benefit-cost ratio. These elements allow us to direct our efforts to increase investment in the health and education sectors (formal as well as non-formal and continuing education) for adolescents, girls and boys.

Adolescent Investment Case-Burundi-2019
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