About us

UNICEF is the global leader promoting and protecting children’s rights in 190 countries, including Azerbaijan.

Children playing with chalk at the Early Learning Centre
UNICEF Azerbaijan/Pirozzi/2018

UNICEF believes

All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world.

Who We Are

UNICEF in Azerbaijan 

For more than 25 years UNICEF has been working with the Government and people of Azerbaijan to provide every child with the best start to life. Our activities began during some of the country’s most difficult times, assisting refugees and internally displaced people from the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and addressing the impact of economic hardships caused by the transition from Soviet power to independence in 1991. UNICEF now strives to build on the considerable progress Azerbaijan has made, economically and socially, over the last two decades. Poverty rates have dramatically decreased, child mortality rates have fallen, and primary school enrolment is almost universal.

UNICEF focuses its attention on those children who have not fully benefited from such advances. We work alongside the Government, communities and families in Azerbaijan to reach out to those children who remain vulnerable or at risk, to initiate new approaches to child and youth development, and to strengthen the national capacities and systems that support children and families.

We believe that to match the economic vision of the nation, an investment in the country’s youngest human capital – its children and young people – is one that will bring some of the greatest and longest-lasting dividends.

A sustainable agenda for every child

As Azerbaijan’s presence on the global stage increased, so has its commitments to achieving the Sustainable Development Agenda. In doing so, it has also made commitments to ensuring that no citizen – especially its children – is left behind. UNICEF’s work in Azerbaijan reflects that commitment, as we help support the development of new policies, legislation, standards and models of children’s services. We bring our global knowledge and experience to enhance local capacity not only to institutions but to the communities and individuals who work directly with children, and we shape better decision-making and allocation of resources through collection and analysis of data on the situation of children.

The programmes we support cover Integrated Early Childhood Development, Quality and Inclusive Education, Social Services and Child Protection, Adolescent and Youth Development and Participation, and Child Rights Monitoring – each designed to contribute to the five goals of UNICEF’s global vision for a sustainable future:

Every child survives and thrives

Every child learns

Every child is protected from violence and exploitation

Every child lives in a safe and clean environment

Every child has an equitable chance in life

UNICEF is working to build a healthier, more inclusive and just society for every child in Azerbaijan, emphasizing the most disadvantaged and excluded children.

Leaving no child behind 

UNICEF Azerbaijan is committed to working with the Government and people of Azerbaijan to fulfil the rights of every child. Whether through early childhood development, improved mother and child health and nutrition, inclusive education, empowerment of young people or the provision of high quality integrated social services, our focus is on identifying children and families in need.

UNICEF works to gain a better understanding of the challenges still facing children and young people and puts in place the essential elements to create the best possible start in life for all children – especially those who are vulnerable, marginalized or at risk. In the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals, we are determined that no child should be left behind.

Much progress has been made towards the realisation of child rights in Azerbaijan, but we know that more can be done. We will continue working to transform the lives of children throughout the country, and with the support of our partners, we will strive to ensure that every child receives the care, support and opportunities needed to achieve success for generation after generation.