Internet of Good Things Zambia

Free resources on your smartphone or feature phone that can be accessed even without a data pack.

A smartphone screen showing the Internet of Good Things site

The Internet of Good Things (IoGT) is a set of free, mobile-ready web-based resources and applications that bring good to your life by helping you and your community access educational and lifesaving information.

Topics and issues on Internet of Good Things include maternal health, hygiene, emergency information on diseases such as Ebola, Polio and Cholera, HIV and sexual health advice for adolescents, Internet safety, positive parenting techniques and more.

By connecting to Internet of Good Things, children, adolescents, mothers, fathers, other family members, health trainers, caregivers and communities can gain access to localized, updated, quality content at their point of care and directly on their mobile phone at anytime for free on Airtel and MTN networks.

To discover the site, click on, or at this address if you want to access for free through Free Basics.

With the following direct links you can access the mobile websites on your MTN/Airtel phone in Zambia without a data pack/charges.

Early Life Tips: State of the art maternal health advice and easy to practice exercises for parents to help children develop to their full potential. Follow this link to access this content now: Early Life Tips 

Girl’s Zone: Resources by Girls for Girls! Girl’s zone provides information to understand the changes that every girl goes through as they grow up. Follow this link to access this content now: Girl’s zone

Facts for Life: Facts for Life presents the most authoritative information about practical, effective and low-cost ways to protect children's lives and health. Follow this link to access this content now: Facts For Life

Connect Smart: Connect Smart is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the basics about Internet safety and social media. Follow this link to access this content now: Connect Smart 

U-Report: Providing young people with a chance to speak out on what's happening in their communities and to work together to create change. Follow this link to access this content now: U-Report

You can read more about Internet of Good Things here.