Protecting children in West and Central Africa

Helping children affected by violence build back better lives

Portrait of a young man with a scarf covering his face
UNICEF/UN0538114/Rooftop Productions


Major humanitarian crises continue to unfold across the West and Central Africa region (WCAR). 57.5 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance, a figure that has almost doubled since 2020, due to a surge in armed conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Graça Machel Report, "The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children", UNICEF in West and Central Africa is launching the advocacy note, "Build Back Better Lives," to further shed light on this issue. 

This advocacy note reveals the protection concerns children in the region face, explains how UNICEF monitors grave violations against children in WCAR, and highlights the impact of these violations on children as well as how UNICEF is supporting them in building back better lives.

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