The Integrated Early Childhood Development Programme 2017-2021 of UNICEF

Baseline Assessment Report

IECD Baseline Assessment Report
UNICEF Viet Nam\Truong Viet Hung


This report was implemented under the sponsorship of UNICEF Viet Nam. The information and opinions contained in the report do not necessarily reflect views or policies of UNICEF Viet Nam.

The Mekong Development Research Institute has been commissioned to conduct this baseline assessment report with the great support and insightful inputs from UNICEF Viet Nam. 

The research team are also grateful to the Project Management Units of the Integrated Early Childhood Development in 3 project provinces, as well as 27 project communes for their strong support during the field work. We also appreciate the participation of 1,080 households in the baseline surveys and support from 54 village leaders in the arrangement of survey schedule and logistics. 

Last but not least, the implementation of this report would not have been made possible without the contribution of 36 enthusiastic enumerators whose professional experience has helped to ensure that our collected data is truthful and always of the highest quality.

IECD Baseline Assessment Report



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