Child Poverty in Tanzania Report 2019

National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and UNICEF


This report on Child Poverty using data from the 2014/15 National Panel Survey (NPS) is the second in a series produced in Tanzania since the first report in 2016. It presents an update of the 2016 Child Poverty in Tanzania report while some improvements were made to the methodology for measuring child monetary and multidimensional poverty.

The report presents indicators of non-monetary deprivation among children aged 0–17 years living in households. This method of measuring deprivation captures issues of importance in the wellbeing of a child during childhood and, importantly, that impact his/her well-being in adulthood. The method (known as Multiple Overlapping Deprivation Analysis – MODA) was introduced by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and adapted by a Technical Working Group led by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the participation of a team of in-country technicians from both Government and non-governmental organizations. It is anticipated that future analyses of poverty in the country, especially that of the 2017/18 Household Budget Survey (HBS) data, will also consider the multidimensional poverty approach to paint an updated and more accurate picture of the state of child poverty in Tanzania. This will build a desired foundation to sustain the inclusion of a module in every household survey and allow similar analyses in the future.

The information presented in this report aims at raising awareness and deeper understanding among Government and non-governmental stakeholders of the multiple dimension of poverty to develop plans, policies, and programmes that address and aim to improve the well-being of children. Given the inclusion of child poverty in the SDGs, this report can serve as a point of reference for both SDG monitoring and poverty monitoring nationally, in relation to key sector programmes and policies, and the second Five Year Development Plan (FYDP II).

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National Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF
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