Tajik Mamas shared their experience on the most important job in the world

Tajik Mamas shared their amazing stories on motherhood and learned some tips on how to create a learning environment for their children to grow

Umeda Fazylova
UNICEF Tajikistan
07 August 2019

On June 15th 2019, the III National parents meeting - TAJIKMAMA FORUM 2019- was held in Dushanbe with the support of UNICEF in Tajikistan. The forum had been themed on parenting as a highlight on the parenting month that is proclaimed in June by UNICEF globally.

TAJIK MAMA Forum is a platform, where concerned parents, psychologist and the medical community can share their experience of parenthood and tell amazing life stories "about the most important job in the world".

More than two hundred parents of different age groups, gathered in one room to talk about challenges of parenthood and about finding balance and harmony with self and their families. In addition, guest speakers of the forum shared useful tips on how to ensure best start for the children from the first days of their lives.

Sitora Shokamolova, C4D Officer of the UNICEF office in Tajikistan presented her topic on communication with the child and why talking to babies matter. 

'A woman should start talking to her baby from the last weeks of pregnancy, because this is the time when baby’s brain begins to actively develop'. 

Next speaker, Lola Nasriddinova, an expert on early child development and the head of the IRODA NGO, talked about the “mature parenthood” and "mellow parenting", mentioning that the unfavorable environment in which a child lives, can lead to the psychological trauma for the child and shape his/her negative attitude to the world.

The guest speaker from Moscow, Olga Savelyeva presented her stand-up called 'MAAAAAM' and shared her experience of having a deaf daughter. She highlighted two important things that every mother have to remember: no mother is perfect and it’s not compulsory to be with your child 24/7, but it is important to be near when your support is most needed.


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"The main thing we can teach our children is to be happy. But first, we have to be happy ourselves."

Olga Savelyeva, author and stand up comic
Olga Savelyeva on stage performing her stand-up
UNICEF Tajikistan