The child rights: firsthand learning

Tajik children met with Ombudsman to learn how to claim and protect their rights.

Umeda Fazylova
Youth consutation with Ombudsman
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019/ U. Fazylova
10 December 2019

On December 6th, UNICEF Tajikistan jointly with the Ombudsman Office organized youth consultation to discuss the importance of the child rights and what contribution every child can make towards claiming and protecting these rights in Tajikistan. 50 children from local schools and gymnasiums of Dushanbe had a unique chance to learn about child rights from firsthand sources: Ombudsman Office for children's rights in Tajikistan and UNICEF!

"Thirty years ago, something amazing happened- world leaders adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the document that protects the rights of every child"- in her opening speech Mrs. Rajabmo Habibulozoda, the Commissioner for children's rights in Tajikistan, highlighted the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that was marked this year. 


The Convention is the promise, that governments gave to every child to protect his/her rights. A promise that you can go to school, you can live with your family, you can receive medical and other services..."

Rajabmo Habibullozoda, Commissioner for children's rights (Ombudsman) in the Republic of Tajikistan
Ombudsman Tajikistan
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019/
smiling girl
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019
smiling boy
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019

To warm-up the session, children were invited to participate in the interactive quiz to guess what are the children's rights and what are the children's responsibilities. Afterwards, Mrs. Rajabmo Habibulozoda had presented the overview of the Ombudsman Office in Tajikistan, its main responsibilities, activities and complaint mechanism. Children and their parents were handed brochures with contact information and addresses of the Ombudsman's district level branches. In the end, children were given a task to draw what child rights mean to them and make a small presentation in front of each other. 

Children drawing
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019
Children draw their vision of what a right to participation means.
Children are drawing
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019
Children draw their vision of what a right to education means.
Children are drawing
UNICEF Tajikistan/2019
Children brainstorming on what a right to health, food, water and environment means to them.
girl smiling
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019
"What a right to live means to you?"

"I want you to be bold and be brave and speak up when you see that someone is violating your rights or your friends rights! The louder you speak, the more chances that things will change for the better."

Luciano Calestini, Representative of UNICEF in Tajikistan

By the end of the session, children expressed their gratitude to the Ombudsman's Office for Child Rights and UNICEF in Tajikistan for the informative consultation and asked to continue conducting these kind of sessions with children in Dushanbe and other cities and districts of the country. 

Youth consutation with Ombudsman_07
UNICEF Tajikistan/ 2019