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The development of the National Strategy for Education Development 2021-2030 is coming to the final phase

04 December 2019
NESD workshop
UNICEF Tajikistan

The workshop with the aim to review the progress of the National Strategy for Education Development for 2021-2030, that is led by the Government of Tajikistan with the support from the development partners and Global Partnership for Education is being held Dushanbe.

The process of the National Strategy for Education Development for 2021-2030 (NSED) started in March 2019 with a kick off workshop on result-based planning and the establishment of technical working groups supported by national consultants and facilitators. The overall process is led by the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES), while UNICEF is assisting the MoES by engaging with the working groups and providing logistical and technical support in their day-to-day activities. UNESCO is providing an overall technical support and guidance for the NSED development, while EU is supporting areas of M&E and costing and financing of NSED. To date, the MoES has completed the Education Sector Analysis, drafted the Theory of Change and Result Framework, including long-term, short-term results with indicators. 

“The early development and pre-school education, inclusive education, vocational training, girls access to education and skills are being the priorities in our agenda, so we hope that with the support of our development partners these priorities will be reflected in the strategy and we will be able to fulfill the right to education for every child in Tajikistan.” said Latofat Naziri, Deputy Minister of Education and Science in her opening remarks.

It is planned to produce a second draft of the NSED document with translation into English after further review from all relevant stakeholders in a dedicated technical workshop. For this reason, the workshop aims to review the progress made so far and agree on the steps needed towards the development of the costing of the identified interventions and the strengthening of the existing  Government medium term expenditure plan in Education for the period 2021-2023. Currently, the MoES and Development Partners are reviewing the draft narrative of the strategy.The new NSED is scheduled to be approved by the Government in May 2020.

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