Parenting Masterclasses

‘Eat, Play, Love’: Sri Lanka’s children need more to ensure they enter adulthood without a disadvantage.

UNICEF Sri Lanka
Fazil MariJa with his baby daughter

05 November 2018

UNICEF has launched a new digital campaign to celebrate and inform parents how they can support their children’s optimal brain development. Directed by Ilango Ram and featuring musician Jananath Warakagoda, former Sri Lankan national rugby captain Fazil Marija, and broadcaster K D Pragash, each with their own children, the campaign consists of three one-minute ‘masterclasses’ that, in a humorous way give key information to parents on how through simple actions, they can help to build their children’s brains.

Each ‘masterclass’ is based on a key insight, including the fact that up to 75% of the energy derived from food goes toward brain development in under-fives, and that five minutes of play can spark 300,000 brain connections in young children.

Parenting Masterclass with Fazil Marija

View with Sinhala and Tamil subtitles.

Parenting Masterclass with Jananath Warakagoda

View with English and Tamil subtitles.

Parenting Masterclass with KC Pragash

View with English and Sinhala subtitles.