South Sudan Citizens' Draft Budget 2020/2021

Informing citizens how the Government plans to spend tax money and improve transparency in governance


This Citizens' Draft Budget was prepared to support citizen understanding of the government's planned expenditure in 2020/2021, based on the projected resource envelope and indicative ceilings. The budget is yet to be approved by the National Legislative Assembly. It has been produced by the Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP) and the Government of the Republic of South Sudan with the support of UNICEF. This is a final draft that will feed into the citizens budget produced in a later stage of the budgeting process.

The Budget Process Update discusses the economic situation of the country, planned government income and expenditure, and elaborates on what the budget means for the social sectors. It aims to create awareness on the budgetary process and encourage the participation of citizens.

All data has been provided by the MoFP unless indicated otherwise.

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