Situation Analysis of Children's Rights and Wellbeing

in the UNICEF State of Palestine


Few children have experienced such a protracted crisis as in the State of Palestine(1), with the decades-long conflict and the occupation making life extremely hard for many Palestinian children.

In this context, children have increasingly had their rights denied resulting in increased deprivations of their well-being across their life course.

This report summarises the analysis of the situation experienced by children and young people in the State of Palestine to take stock of what is known, and to investigate the multiple and interconnected causes of child deprivations.

This report is structured into the following chapters: 1) country profile; 2) child rights overview; 3) enabling environment analysis; and 4) conclusions.

There are two types of data sources used in this report:

1- The primary data comes from key informant interviews and focus group discussions.

2- The secondary data comes from publications and databases referenced in the annexes.

The Situation Analysis of Children’s Rights and Wellbeing in the State of Palestine was prepared by a team from Development Pathways and the University of Birzeit – Centre for Development Studies, under the technical guidance of UNICEF in the State of Palestine Office and in collaboration with the UNICEF Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Office.

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