CAAC Bulletin

Situation of Concern: Israel and the State of Palestine


Israel and the State of Palestine have been included as a “situation of concern” in the Secretary General’s annual reporting on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) since 2006 (S/2006/826), when the first such report was issued pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1612 (2005).  As such, the UN pursues its mandate to monitor and verify grave violations against children; to provide regular reports on grave violations to the Special Representative of the Secretary General on CAAC; and to engage all parties to address grave violations.  In line with global good practices, since 2010 Children and Armed Conflict bulletins  (CAAC bulletins) have been produced to provide an overview of UN-verified information on data and trends of grave violations, and the impact of conflict-related violence on children in the Israel and State of Palestine situation of concern, including to inform programmatic responses for all affected children.  The bulletins are shared with all parties to inform UN dialogue on measures to prevent and end grave violations, in line with recommendations included in the UN Secretary General’s Annual Reports on Children and Armed conflict: “I reiterate my call upon all parties to continue to engage with my Special Representative and the United Nations, including at the country level, to end and prevent grave violations against children and to better protect children and respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law” (S/2022/493). 

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