National Strategy for Out-of-School Children in Sierra Leone

A strategy that describes approaches that will help identify Out-of-School children, incentivise communities to support school attendance and enable our schools to coordinate responses with the communities.

Two children walk past a pile of stones at a stone mining site in Freetown


A major objective of the Government of Sierra Leone is to achieve a target of zero out-of-school children in Sierra Leone.

We are proud to present our strategy for reaching this objective. We work directly with children in school, particularly through our program of free quality school education which has eliminated school fees in all government and government-assisted schools, thereby reducing the number of children who could not enroll in school because their parents could not afford the fees. However, there are still children across Sierra Leone who are excluded from this benefit. We, therefore, work tirelessly with children currently out of school alongside partners to deliver alternatives and routes back to education.

To reach those most marginalised, we describe approaches that will identify them, incentivise communities to support school attendance, and enable our schools to coordinate responses with the communities.

The goals laid out here are linked closely with our priorities in the Medium-term National Development Plan 2019-2023. The actions lie largely outside of FQSE and there will need to be investments in these complementary actions.

A girl carries her baby outside her home in Kambia, Sierra Leone
Government of Sierra Leone, Irish Aid, UNICEF
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