UNICEF Senegal Annual Results for Children - 2021


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Dear colleagues, partners and friends of UNICEF Senegal,

While the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact dominated our lives throughout 2021, this human tragedy also equipped us with a new resolve to help rebuild communities, strengthen resilience and ensure that the rights of children are fulfilled, no matter the circumstances. A year ago, we were cautiously optimistic... and a year later, we remain so. Despite how uncertain the world is, we remain certain about our objectives, principles and values in a rapidly changing world.

This snapshot showcases the results we were able to achieve for children during this challenging year, and the many ways in which we supported the national COVID-19 response while safeguarding the continuity of key social services in Senegal.

Ensuring safe, fair, and widespread immunization were key to curb the pandemic and advance recovery: we supported country’s access to COVID-19 vaccines, through the COVAX facility. We focused our efforts on a number of issues that have emerged with heightened relevance. Among these are equitable access to vaccines, tackling the learning crisis with greater investment, and bringing an end to the neglect, abuse and violence against children that drive poor life outcomes.

The precious lesson of 2021 is that creativity tends to thrive in highly constrained environments: this is when magic happens and new ways of partnering and engaging flourish. UNICEF took steps in fostering the role of adolescents and youth as actors of change. To expand opportunities for adolescents to participate meaningfully in their communities, we have empowered them to actively engage and voice their views and opinions.

Also, we will continue strengthening partnerships, including with international financing institutions to support upstream advocacy on priority spending in social sectors, and accelerating the implementation of innovative and multisectoral approaches, working closely with the Government of Senegal. Our Business for results roadmap developed in 2021 will be key to broaden our pool of partners and advocate for child rights and access innovations.

2021 has been a year of many challenges and opportunities. We delivered great results despite the extraordinary circumstances and we have full confidence we will make 2022 even greater.

We look forward to working with all our partners, communities and families to make Senegal a country where children and adolescents can thrive and become their best selves.

As we reimagine a safer, fairer and better world for every child, we invite you to seize the moment and work with us to rapidly accelerate action for children where it matters most.


Silvia Danailov
UNICEF Representative in Senegal


UNICEF Senegal
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