UNICEF Situation Report on COVID-19 in Rwanda

Updates on UNICEF actions to support the Government of Rwanda in preventing and responding to COVID-19

Marie, 20 (left), and Claudine, 23 (right), hold packages of new menstrual pads delivered by UNICEF.


In 2020, UNICEF Rwanda has appealed for US$ 5 million to support the Government of Rwanda’s National COVID-19 Response Plan. Without additional funding, UNICEF will not be able to address the most urgent needs of children and families in Rwanda who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

In this update:

  • The Government of Rwanda decided that schools would remain closed to allow thorough preparedness to resume in-person classes. Travel is also still restricted to Rusizi District.
  • UNICEF equipped public transportation vehicles with COVID-19 prevention messages, reaching up to 550 people per day.
  • UNICEF distributed 55,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to community health workers.
  • UNICEF facilitated the Government to procure 7,872 COVID-19 test kits.
  • 1,860,845 students engaged in radio lessons, 575,180 in TV lessons and approximately 50,000 students accessed the e-learning portal daily.
  • 7,282 children with disabilities were reached with individual learning support at home.
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